Emergency Reports

28 July 2018
“I had to drop out from school when I was eleven years old to work and support my family, because my elder brothers work was not enough for our eight-member family, I met one of the area social work supervisors outside the distribution centre, he asked about my family...
16 July 2018
UNRWA has succeeded in maintaining its operations across five fields and in reducing the initial budget shortfall of US$ 446 million by US$ 238 million, bringing the total remaining shortfall to US$ 217 million
01 July 2018
“When I see my two sisters who are studying at university, I am worried about their future. In Gaza, good education unfortunately does not protect you from unemployment, and I don’t want them to go through what I faced. I hope the economic situation in Gaza will change soon...
10 June 2018
“I will never forget the day when my family and I had to leave our house. Our neighbour’s house was attacked and ours was badly affected, so we had to run away to save our lives. Back then, we thought that we would return after a few days. We didn’t know that we would be...
27 May 2018
“Sometimes I close my eyes and try to remember my last night in Al-Swafeer. I imagine myself with my husband and children sitting in the front of our home drinking tea and chit-chatting. I wish I could go back to that day.”